Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our espresso bar has chalked up one year - and impressive figures

Today is the one year anniversary of our espresso bar, Mug Shots Espresso. After starting during the Global Financial Crisis we're chuffed with our progress.

Since opening, our hole-in-the-wall has served up more than 2.5 tonnes of coffee, 55,000 drinks, and more than a tonne in cakes and muffins.
Barista Alison Bourne and Kerri Scholz, celebrate
one year of our espresso bar
When we started, a few people questioned whether there was enough of a taste for coffee in our suburb to sustain a business, but not only have we developed a group of loyal customers, we’ve been able to give back to the local community.

Mug Shots hires local people, plus our sandwiches and muffins are sourced locally, which all helps the local community.

We’ve also received a lot of requests for prizes and gifts for fundraisers for schools and community groups, and we are always keen to support them, to be able to give back and help their efforts.”

We are looking forward to a big year ahead, with the launch of our new website Budan Beans, and an increased focus on partnering with people who are starting a cafe.

Thank you to the local community who have made this possible.

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